Rodney Wright
I am a third year Industrial Design student at Carleton University. Growing up on a farm I was constantly fixing things with my dad often in a rush before the rain came. The mentality of having to get something done with the budget, materials and tools we had on hand, coupled with the skills we possessed, has influenced my style and work ethic as a designer. Industrial design has taught me a new set of skills, enhancing my ability to problem solve. 

My entrepreneurial mindset, manifested into Gourmet Grilled Cheese, a company I started 5 years ago. I use only ingredients from my parents' farm and local farmers to create the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. My booth has been a mainstay at Ottawa's largest farmers' market. My passion however lies in the creative industry, so I have tried to put my own design style into my business. 

Outside of design I enjoy many hobbies including working on classic cars, leather crafting, photography with my friends, and playing sports. 

Thank you!
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